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Watch: Vladimir Putin fishes, dives and swims during Siberian vacation

  • Published at 07:12 pm August 6th, 2017

Vladimir Putin spent two hours searching for the perfect catch at the bottom of the Siberian lake. Clad in a wetsuit and snorkel mask while armed with a harpoon gun and a GoPro camera, the Russian president endured the cold waters of the lake to capture some incredible footage of his fishing expedition.

“He was chasing a pike for two hours and just couldn’t hit it, but he managed to get it in the end,” presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday.

On the surface, Putin had to flex some muscle to lure additional catches out of the lake. Apart from demonstrating a master class in fishing, the all-action president also spent time hiking in the taiga and riding rafts on a mountain lake in southern Siberia.

He was accompanied by defence minister Sergey Shoigu, Tyva leader Sholban Kara-ool and the head of the Republic of Khakassia, Viktor Zimin.