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Chittagonian, Sylheti ranked among 100 most spoken languages worldwide

  • Published at 05:29 pm February 17th, 2020
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Photo: Syed Zakir Hossain/Dhaka Tribune

Bengali ranked at 7th position with 265 million native and non-native speakers

Chittagonian and Sylheti language have been ranked one of the 100 most spoken languages in the world.

In an article published on Saturday, visual-content provider Visual Capitalist ranked Chittagonian at 88th with 13 million speakers, while Sylheti was ranked at 97th with 11.8 million people.

The article was based on 22nd edition of Ethnologue, a database covering a majority of the world’s population with detailing approximately 7,111 living languages in existence across the world.

On the list, Bengali was ranked at 7th position with 265 million native and non-native speakers, followed by Russian and Portuguese.

For the purposes of measurement, the researchers used the ISO 693-3 set of criteria, which accounts for related varieties and dialects—ensuring that linguistics are not the only factor considered in the count of languages.

English reigns supreme, with over 1.1 billion total speakers—or roughly 15% of the global population. Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, and French round out the top five. Urdu was placed at the 11th spot.

The data also showed 66% of English speakers learned it as a second language. In contrast, only 17% of Mandarin speakers know it as a second language.

Spanish comes in strong second for native speakers with 460 million, considering it is well-used across Latin America.

Swahili surprisingly was found to have the highest ratio of second-language speakers to total speakers—although it only has 16 million native speakers, this shoots up to 98 million total speakers. Overall, 82% of Swahili speakers know it as a second language.