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Saudi king Salman gets stuck halfway down golden escalator

  • Published at 04:20 pm October 6th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:00 pm October 6th, 2017
Saudi king Salman gets stuck halfway down golden escalator

Saudi King Salman's trip to Russia has been marked with an embarrassing start as the golden escalator set up to help him disembark the plane went dysfunctional, leaving him stranded for a little while. King Salman stood puzzled halfway down the extravagant stairway which appeared to have stopped operating suddenly. He waited for around 20 seconds before being helped down the escalator by others after it became clear that it was not going to take him any further down, reports The Independent. Following the triviality, the monarch was hosted by Russian President Vladimir Putin who termed the visit a “landmark event”. The visit comes after decades of tensions, most recently over the war in Syria, where Saudi Arabia had backed the Sunni rebels fighting to oust President Bashar Assad, while its arch-rival, Shiite powerhouse Iran, had teamed up with Russia to shore up his rule.