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Report: Bangladeshi-born IS leader’s firm financed attacks in Barcelona

  • Published at 12:51 pm August 22nd, 2017
  • Last updated at 05:38 pm August 23rd, 2017
Report: Bangladeshi-born IS leader’s firm financed attacks in Barcelona
A network of companies established by a Bangladeshi-born senior IS leader financed the recent terrorist attacks in Spain, US investigators have revealed. A van ploughed into the crowds of pedestrians on a busy avenue in Barcelona on August 17, leaving 13 dead and over 130 injured. Just eight hours later, attackers struck again at the seaside resort of Cambrils when a car rammed into pedestrians, killing one person and injuring six others including a police officer. Citing FBI documents, The Sunday Times reported that one of the firms shipped surveillance equipment to Madrid which is believed to be linked to the development by IS of weaponised drones routed through the UK. The company appears to have been set up using the identity of a bogus director and shareholder called "Peter Soren", which is believed to be an alias for Siful Sujan, a Bangladesh-origin IT expert and businessman behind the companies. Sujan left south Wales three years ago with his family to join IS in Syria. He was later killed by a US drone strike.
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Sujan and his associates had set up the Ibacs network of companies, which offered website and printing services to restaurants and takeaways from its base in Cardiff. Even though Sujan was killed in a US drone strike in Syria in December 2015, according to the Pentagon, his network remained intact, which went on to fund several militant activities, even in Bangladesh. The Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime unit of the police claimed Sujan funded New JMB activities and also assisted in recruiting. The Wall Street Journal referred to freshly unsealed FBI affidavits which established that Sujan's firm was the conduit for the covert militant financing network which sponsored the New JMB in Bangladesh. The same firm's operations were found tied to the attack in Barcelona. Sujan's brother Sobuj, who is also wanted for his involvement in militant activities, was reported to have been living in Spain for years. The FBI and British anti-terrorist police discovered that one of the Cardiff-based firms, Ibacstel Electronics, was used to send a total of $7,700 in 2015 to an IS supporter in the US. American citizen Mohamed Elshinaway was arrested by the FBI and pleaded guilty to terrorism charges last week. The FBI claims a company named Advance Technology Global (ATG) was created and registered at the Alexandra Gate business address in Cardiff in July 2015.
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The FBI obtained the transcripts of a Skype conversation between Sujan and another Ibacs director in Cardiff. The conversation revealed that Sujan was the real brains behind ATG. Ibacstel Electronics was dissolved in March 2016 and ATG was wound up eight months ago. Other Ibacs-linked firms continue to operate out of a new office in Newport, south Wales, but there is no suggestion that they are involved in any wrongdoing.