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Rescued Nigerian 'witch' boy goes to school

  • Published at 05:48 pm February 11th, 2017
  • Last updated at 06:43 pm February 11th, 2017
Rescued Nigerian 'witch' boy goes to school
Anja Ringgren Loven rescued Hope on January 30 last year when he was emaciated and surviving on scraps of food he found. The photo of a saddened Anja helping the malnourished kid drink from a water bottle went viral. Hope was one of many abandoned children of Nigeria ditched by their families due to superstitions. He was treated for worms and hypospadias, “an inborn condition in which one has an incomplete developed urethra,” Anja said in an interview with The Independent, published last week. Anja was named "the most inspiring person of the year 2016" by Germany's Ooom Magazine last year, beating the famous individuals such as Pope Francis and Barack Obama contending for the title. She celebrated the boy's milestone by sharing two photos on Facebook, recreating the moment last month. But this time, Hope looks healthier and in school uniforms. The post has drawn much attention on Facebook and picked up by international news outlets. Anja frequently posts photos of Hope on her own Instagram account:
Anja and her husband Umem have a house full of children like Hope. They run an orphanage, the African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF) in south-east Nigeria, where abandoned children are taken in.