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What is art? Dhaka Art Summit’s master interior decorator shares his thoughts

Dhaka Tribune’s Shahirah Majumdar spoke to MA Abdur Razzak, a veteran of four art summits, to get the inside story

Update : 05 Feb 2023, 12:33 AM

For weeks preceding the Dhaka Art Summit, artists collaborate with technical teams of carpenters, metal workers, and more to create monumental installations such as ‘Where Do the Ants Go?' 26-foot anthill, ‘TenderTransgressions' nine sari-wrapped living columns, and the surreal bamboo and wood Belly of the Strange. 

How did you get involved in DAS?

I work on interiors for the Samdanis. Since I understand the craft well, they had me join here. 

What is art?

Art is how we express what is in our hearts in the form of image or texture.

Is this anthill art?

Yes. It is an expression of what an ant's home could be like, so I think it counts as art.

 Shahirah Majumdar/Dhaka Tribune

What are some of the installations you made?

My first piece in 2016 was made of foam with a Japanese artist. That was beautiful. In 2018, I made something with bamboo. That was also beautiful. This year, I made a piece called Sumayya Vally. The partitions here don't count as art, but these pieces do.

Which piece was your favourite?

I keep thinking of the piece I made in 2016. It was made of black foam, and sound played a part. It would vibrate with the sound if we walked here.

Do you bring your family to the Art Summit?

Of course. My two sons, a daughter, and my wife. My daughter likes the playful installations and children's paintings. Since I am working on them, I like all of it.

Is art for everyone?

Art is for anyone who understands it. For those who don't, it's just texture, nothing else. 

Can anyone understand art?

Maybe 25 to 40 percent.

Would you like to share anything else?

I would like to tell people to come and see all of it. Many artists come from many different countries with their art. I hope people come to experience it.

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