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Watch: Why Dhaka should be the greatest city on Earth

  • Published at 07:13 pm March 11th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:29 pm March 11th, 2017

Would you believe that Dhaka occupies the most optimum geographical location for city in the entire world? You should. A YouTube video made by Wendover Productions explains why cities are built in particular locations – markets, transportation, supply centres, accessibility, etc. Early towns were built taking account of how much a human could walk comfortably in a day. As transportation became more convenient, the sphere of influence expanded. The video describes the various criteria a city would require to be of utmost importance geographically – leading to Dhaka occupying the most perfect spot in the world. As the video says, if the world had just one city, it would be situated where Dhaka is. Some of the reasons for this are: - Proximity to water bodies for transportation and water source - Nearby mountainous regions containing mineral deposits and biodiversity - Consistent climate in the region allows for expansion Dhaka today is riddled with a number of problems. From slums to traffic, unplanned housing to pollution, and incredible population density, there is much that prevents the city from achieving its full potential. As the Citylab article states, Dhaka is located in the most optimum geographical location in the entire world for a city. It is a key resource which, when utilised, could greatly benefit the people, the city and the country.