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Welcome the future

  • Published at 12:01 am December 3rd, 2016
Welcome the future

There’s no denying that Bangladesh has come a long way.

Digital Bangladesh has never been as close to becoming a reality as it is now.

With increased development in the ICT sector, which is producing more and more skilled workers than ever before, it is has become of utmost importance to keep the momentum going.

The advent of numerous apps, both home-grown and international, such as Uber and Netflix, proves that there is no doubt Bangladesh is headed in the right direction.

But as the fracas with Uber’s legality proves, there are still plenty of obstacles, mostly from the government itself.

Bangladesh’s digital landscape must be open to innovation. New ideas, such as the one presented by Uber, should be capitalised on, not bombarded with bureaucratic red tape that makes it harder for businesses to grow.

Regulation is important, but over-regulation will discourage investment not only from outside of the country, but also prevent local entrepreneurs from emerging.

When it comes to technology and e-commerce, the government must learn to put the consumer first.

These services do not come out of a vacuum; there is a growing demand amongst the public and these services, combined, make our collective lives easier.

Nurturing an economic and business environment that encourages new and innovative ideas to grow will serve as a huge boost to dreams of a Digital Bangladesh, and ensure we do not fall behind.

When the future is knocking at the door, don’t turn it away.