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Uber launches ‘uberAUTO’ rickshaw service in Pakistan

  • Published at 06:22 pm November 25th, 2016
Uber launches ‘uberAUTO’ rickshaw service in Pakistan

Uber Pakistan has officially announced Thursday, that it would launch a rickshaw service, namely ‘uberAUTO’ in Karachi. Uber Pakistan took to twitter and announced that the service will be giving free rides all week.

To avail the free rides, patrons are asked to enter the promo code FREEAUTO.

With the aforementioned promo code, patrons can avail five free rickshaw rides up to Rs75 each, today through November 27. People can pay using cash or card, depending on their preference. Earlier, the ‘Uber Auto’ service initially started from Lahore. In order to use uberAuto, a patron will need to download the Uber App from any App store and request a ride from the app. After a successful car taxi service, it has decided to launch exquisite new services for those passengers who can’t afford an expensive car ride. Just like Uber Car, the Uber Auto service can also be hailed via the official Uber app, and in the same manner, cash can be paid at the end of the ride.

Pakistani is not the first one to get uberAUTO service. The service has been already launched in India. However, service there has been suspended because of some improvements requirement then announced by the company.

Uber, the globally acclaimed online cab e-hailing service, under the banner of ‘Uber Pakistan’ will be initiating services for Pakistani populace, in an effort to expand its consumer reach.