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No more Bangladeshi TV adverts on foreign channels

  • Published at 10:39 pm November 24th, 2016
No more Bangladeshi TV adverts on foreign channels

M Akhtaruzzaman Talukder of the ministry’s TV-2 section issued the circular in reference to the sub-section 13 of Section 19 of Bangladesh Cable Television Network Act 2006 which poses restrictions on advertising locally made advertisements on foreign TV channels.

If a local advertisement is broadcast in a foreign channel, the advertisement will be banned alongside two-year of imprisonment, read the circular.

The initiative was taken by a group called Media Unity to campaign against illegal activities of downlink to stop airing local product advertisements in foreign channels, mostly in India.

The increased amount of illegal use of downlink has affected the sustainability of the private channels as well as the media industry in Bangladesh.

The crisis imposed by downlink on the private TV channels is mainly due to airing local advertisements in the foreign channels.

Also some of the country's TV channels broadcast Indian advertisements which have decreased the local revenue of the private TV channels.

Media Unity threatened to demonstrate if the Act was not enforced by November 30.

They called for a ban on downlink to protect local media interests.

Media Unity also speculated that money laundering is taking place in the name of advertisement.