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Traffic banned on Lawachhara road

  • Published at 12:09 am November 22nd, 2016
Traffic banned on Lawachhara road

A letter from the Sylhet Divisional Forest office was issued to the Roads and Highways Department on November 10, asking Lawachhara authorities not to permit vehicles to use the road at night.

Sylhet Divisional Forest officer (DFO) Mihir Kumar Dey (Wildlife Management & Nature Conservation) issued the letter.

He said the decision was taken in a meeting with the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) on August 2, presided over by Kabir Bin Anwar, director general of the PMO.

Every year, at least 100 forest animals lose their lives on the road due to reckless driving.

A letter was also issued to the Local Government Engineering Department to build an alternate road outside the park so that vehicles could travel at night, he added.

Mihir mentioned that Palli Bidyut Samity officials have been asked to use coated cables instead of bare lines as many animals were electrocuted in past few years.

Utpal Samonta, executive engineer of the Roads and Highways said he had received the letter.

“We cannot stop the vehicles from travelling at night until there is an alternative,” he said.

Kamrul Islam, executive engineer of LGED said he had sent a letter to the LGED headquarters regarding the matter.

Shibu Lal Basu, manager of Palli Bidyut Samity, said he too received the letter from the DFO.

“I have informed my head office to send more coated cables. When the cables reach us, we will set up the new lines,” he added.