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Fast forward to the past

  • Published at 08:05 pm August 30th, 2016
Fast forward to the past

BMW, a name that brings tenaciously elegant looking designs in mind and it widely recognised that the 2002 was the model that helped BMW cement its name as a practical sports car maker with the boxy sedan. This year, they chose to pay tribute to the 2002 with their new concept car, and dare I say, the most iconic design of all time to roll out of BMW.

The 2002 Homage concept was formerly shown at the Concorso d’Eleganza, the most exquisite location to show off the elegance factor of the automotive industry, back in May. At Pebble Beach this year, BMW brought the 2002 concept for round two; the once doe-eyed baby-blue Homage has received a menacing makeover. The protruding front bumper and the orange and black blend of colours give it a rather sinister vibe. In order to honour the first BMW 2002 turbo, the new concept was dubbed as the “Turbomeister.”

Its chiselled body, bulging wheel arches, the i8 look alike tail lamps and of course, the shark tipped front adds character to this rendition of the monster. Underneath it all, it’s a concept car based on the M2. The top half of the body includes the hood which is is belted with carbon-fiber that is painted black, same as the original 2002. The orange paint, covering the bottom and the roof of the car however, is new.


Turbomeister” stickers are spread, and not sparingly, all over the car. It appears on the front fenders, the roof, the front hood and the rear bumper. We see the “turbo” script appears on the front, beside the grills and contrary to the previous model, the cursive writing appears on the rear spoiler as well.

The rims on the 2002 Homage were left untouched; it still has that dual spoke look, except the colour. Painted gold and paired with M-blessed calipers, the bi-colour “bling” wheels somehow seem befitting. Looking at the wheels, you might get flashbacks from the BMW M4 GTS, a fine choice indeed.

BMW refuse to discuss the powertrain of this beast but surely one can imagine the rage of this turbo-charged monster. Given how successful the expensive M4 GTS was, BMW has every reason to roll up their sleeves and get to work behind this in their production line. Surely everyone must want this flashy widow maker.