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Debi and the Gulshan attack: Controversies continue

  • Published at 08:32 pm August 30th, 2016
  • Last updated at 09:08 pm August 30th, 2016
Debi and the Gulshan attack: Controversies continue
Recently, Shekhor Das from West Bengal made a film Esp – Ekti Rohoshsho Golpo based on iconic writer Humayun Ahmed's popular novel Debi. Claims have been made that Shekhor copied the novel's storyline, without giving due credit. Previously the film premiered on Zee Bangla on August 21, at 9 pm. After watching the film, Humayun's fans protested, stating that the film was a complete copy of his book. Moreover, the film seemed to be constructed with the same characters, theme and context as the book. At first, many people thought it was made in Tollywood to pay tribute to Humayun Ahmed's great novel Debi, leaving many impressed. However, when fans noticed that there was no mention of Humayun's name in the credit line, they expressed outrage. On the contrary, the story writing credit was given to Shibhashish Ray who's from Kolkata. On the other hand, the characters that were found in the film; Rituporna following the role of Ranu, Shaheb Chetarji as Anis and Raima Sen in the role of Nilu all were similar to Humayun's narrative. Also, Misir Ali's character was shown in the film as a professor. Social media is abuzz with heated arguments between Humayun Ahmed fans. However, there was still no response from the team behind the movie. Humayun Ahmed's wife actor Meher Afroz Shaon, became furious after hearing about the movie. She told the Dhaka Tribune that the people who are related to the film have to apologise and the film should be banned as well. Shaon further said that she heard about the movie before too. At first she did not want to believe her ears, but then she watched the film herself. She was left feeling speechless as the movie was a complete copy of the novel Debi. They just changed the names and Raima Sen's character was slightly altered - but that's where the differences ended. The rest of the film copies the novel to the dot. [caption id="attachment_13298" align="aligncenter" width="433"]Cover of Human Ahmed's best selling Debi Cover of Human Ahmed's best selling Debi[/caption] This Sunday, during a shooting break she also shared a few words with the Dhaka Tribune over the phone. First, as a Humayun Ahmed fan she said she was very annoyed after watching the film. Second, she said the director could've asked for permission to base the film on the novel or just mention Humayun Ahmed's name in the credit line. However, the director didn't do any of these. Before Humayun Ahmed’s Debi controversy, another news hit Bangladeshi media. News about a Bollywood movie based on the Gulshan Attack was making rounds on social media. Tollywood director Agnidev Chatterjee will helm the film on the attack, rattling Bangladesh and the world. The film will be based on the psychological aftermath of the terror attack. The Hindi film, titled Jihad, will star Rohit Roy, Rituparna Sengupta, Koneenica Banerjee, Shabaaz Khan, Rajesh Sharma and Rachel White, with the film going on the floor on Monday. [caption id="attachment_5586" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Are we all guilty of the horrendous attack that took place? Candle light vigil in Dhaka, in the memory of the people died in Gulshan attack in July 1, 2016 Dhaka Tribune[/caption] The film starts with a high-voltage action sequence recreating the Holey Artisan massacre, where the protagonist Abhishek’s wife is killed in front of his eyes. A few years later, he marries Aparna out of compulsion. “The film takes a neutral stance, trying to decode the why's and how's of this terror outfit’s ideologies. It delves into the concept of Jihad and tries to explore its true meaning,” said the director as reported by The Times of India. Abhishek, the protagonist, is played by Rohit Roy. Konineeca plays his first wife, while Rituparna plays Aparna. Christina’s character will be essayed by Rachel White. Controversy started with the announcement of the movie. Some artists have said that, no one knows what actually happened that night at Holey Artisan. Moreover it’s too early to make a statement through a movie on the basis of imagination alone. The event was a horrific nightmare for Bangladesh. Not only artists, many Bangladeshis too, have expressed their distaste for the movie. Some of them think, it can be lead to harmful relations between India and Bangladesh.