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4 ways to kick any bad habit

  • Published at 08:59 pm August 30th, 2016
4 ways to kick any bad habit

Stress and boredom. Two states that come free with life in Dhaka. Interestingly, these are two things that contribute to the birth and rise of all manner of bad habits – from smoking, to an overindulgence in fried food.

The good news is, the human brain can be trained to kick said habits, so all it takes is a little determination, and these four steps.

Change the environment

If you're committed to kicking your bad habit, the first thing you need to do is alter your surroundings as to reduce temptation. Your environment should cut out as many triggers as possible so that you do not give in to a bad habit. If you need to cut down on junk food, for example, it's best not to have bags of Doritos lying around the house. Similarly, if you want to quit smoking, remove cigarettes and ashtrays from areas you frequent.

Once you make access to your triggers more difficult, you'll feel less inclined to indulge.

It takes effort and time to conquer a bad habit and replace it with a healthy one.


Build a new habit

For every bad habit there is a good habit that can act as a substitute. For example if you are a screen addict when you have the urge to waste time stalking a stranger on Facebook, pick up a book instead. Plan out a substitute good habit to swap with your your bad habit. This is a Pavlovian approach to training your brain to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Strength in numbers

Surrounding yourself with cheerleaders, and people with similar goals as yours will help you kick your bad habit in no time. There are certain journeys you cannot go alone and one of them is breaking a bad habit. Pairing up with someone who wants to quit a bad habit would make you show more accountability and desire. This is the reason support groups exist.

Find a friend who is also planning to kick the same habit that you are, and cheer each other on to a healthier lifestyle.

Small steps to big success

It takes effort and time to conquer a bad habit and replace it with a healthy one. And if you've set a big goal for yourself, it's easy to give up on it and then beat yourself up about it. Break the goal up into small, easily achievable tasks and don't forget to take a moment to reward yourself for achieving the goal, whether with a self-congratulatory selfie, or a healthy celebration, to motivate yourself to work towards the next step.