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Round they go

  • Published at 05:28 pm August 27th, 2016
Round they go

What you'll need

  • a stand fan

  • an adult to help you

  • paint

What to do

Rainbows appear in seven colours, which is caused when water droplets split white sunlight into seven beautiful colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

If your stand fan doesn't have seven blades, you can avoid using the colours indigo and violet.

Get help from your adult partner to remove the protective cover off the fan and start painting (each blade with a different colour).

Ask your partner to put the cover back on and wait for the paint to dry off completely before you finally get to enjoy your very own rainbow fan.


Safety measures

  • don't be stubborn, let your elderly help you with the steps

  • turn off the fan

  • unplug the fan

paint a rainbow fan 1