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A slim alongside Neo

  • Published at 04:23 pm August 23rd, 2016
A slim alongside Neo

Alongside the new upgraded version of the PS4, there have been rumours and a leak of a slimmer version of the current generation console, as seen in the image.

Sony is no stranger to throwing something extra and unexpected to the public on a given event. The company is holding a PlayStation focused event in New York on September 7. However, naturally, the company is keeping all information close to their chest, revealing nothing until the event. What we do know is Sony is presenting a more powerful machine in the Neo. It’s like pushing an updated version of a flagship smartphone. New model, new specs, and possibly new look.

The leaked image was taken off of an auctioning site, via Gumtree. From the looks of the box itself, the slimmer version is a fusion of the PS3 Slim and the PS4. Again, there is no official confirmation of this slimmer version of the PS4. Question is: why would Sony introduce a new, more powerful version of the PS4 and a slimmer version of the current gen console at the same time? Even the Wall Street Journal made it apparent that the company is providing not one, but two consoles. On the topic of the upgraded model, Sony’s CEO Andrew House said something along the lines of, “intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4.” As usual, only time will tell what the ultimate message the tech titans are trying to send.