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Follow the leader

  • Published at 12:02 am August 5th, 2016
Follow the leader

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is right in saying that militancy and terrorism can only be fought together, as a nation.

As she goes on to say, militancy and terrorism in the name of Islam only serves to defame and insult its true followers.

After the Holey Artisan and Sholakia attacks, we as a nation find ourselves on shaky ground. But we have to see it as a temporary setback and forge ahead.

Our country has worked too hard and for too long to let this lead us astray.

The PM’s call, which seeks the public’s support, is timely and warranted. We, as citizens of the nation we call our home, must realise that responsibility does not lie on government and law enforcement agencies alone.

The PM’s call, which seeks the public’s support, is timely and warranted

We too must set aside our differences, be it political or religious, and understand that that violence is never the answer, and that whoever wields the machete stands against us as a common enemy.

Investigations into matters have so far yielded fruitful results. It is commendable that the government is taking appropriate action against those who wish to see the values we stand for erode under a sea of violence and sectarianism.

Last month’s raid and the revelations that have been unearthed is ample proof that terrorism knows no class or gender. We must fight them in the same way.

Let us take the lead from our prime minister and move forward together to root out the curse of militancy and terrorism once and for all.