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BNP wants Tarique to be more active in politics

  • Published at 11:23 am March 12th, 2016

The BNP has said that the party charter is being amended to fix the job responsibilities of its senior vice chairman Tarique Rahman in a bid to make him more active in politics.

Goyeshwar Chandra Roy, a standing committee member of the party, made the statement while addressing a discussion at party's Nayapaltan headquarters on Saturday afternoon.

“We have made Tarique Rahman inactive organisationally in the party as he was not assigned for any specific duty. Tarique Rahman will remain inactive as long as the chairperson is present. We want to fix Tarique Rahman's job responsibility and make him more active in the party,” Goyeshwar said.

Party Chairperson Khaleda Zia and senior vice chairman Tarique Rahman have already been elected uncontested as none dares to contest against the duo. Khaleda and Tarique's posts will get approval in the party's sixth council scheduled to be held on March 19.

Goyeshwar said: “We do not know what is the responsibility of Tarique Rahman? He tried to speak but that way was closed. That's why it has become necessary to assign him on specific duties.”

The BNP leader said the proposal in this regard will be placed to party chairperson.

“Then the party leaders and activists will know what is the job responsibility of Tarique Rahman and party leaders can communicate with him accordingly," he added.

Citing importance of Tarique Rahman in BNP's politics, Goyeshwar said: “He [Tarqiue] is involved in politics for 24 years and primarily he was active remaining behind the scene.”

He said Tarique played a crucial role in bringing BNP to power in 2001 as he did academic works, information research and so on and then he stepped in the political scenario after 2001 election.

He claimed that the grassroots of BNP is strong because of Tarique's organisational skill.

Asking the party leaders and activists to take preparations for council, Goyeshwar said: “Do not try to take pictures and appear before the central leaders during the council. This council is not for making leaders rather to devise the working strategy to revamp the party.”