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Jhenidah BSCIC in rundown state

  • Published at 07:16 pm January 26th, 2016

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC), country-wide institution network to provide door step services for entrepreneurs, Jhenidah chapter has been lying in rundown situation for 17 years due to manifold reasons.

According to sources, BSCIC developed in the district in 1998 on 22-acre land with 137 plots.

Now 38 industries are being operated braving numeral challenges where more than 1000 workers do their job.

According to locals, load shedding one of the main reasons behind the poor situation of the industries. Every day, the industries have to face 12-hour load shedding.

There is no space for seeping waste in the area. As a result, wastage of the products have to be piled up near the industry and it is very hazardous for the industry men.

Poor transport system due to sorry state of the roads in the district hampers the production. Goods from the industries cannot be easily carried out as potholes have developed here and there on maximum roads.

BSCIC Industrial Owners Association urged the roads and highway authorities several times to repair the roads.

The association general secretary Nasimuddin Julius said: “Due to power shortage, we cannot run the industries.”

“We have to count heavy losses every month as we cannot fulfill the target for 12-load shedding,” he said.

“The workers pass their idle time by gossiping as there is no work. But we have to pay their due,” he added.

Masuduzzaman, manger of Meempex Ltd, said: “A total of 120 workers work in my industry. I want to increase the number. But, I cannot do it as I am not able to provide the payment in due time to my workers for poor production.”

Palli Bidyut Samity is playing a vital role behind the poor condition of the industries.

The samity has provided power supply to the industries with low-quality electric poles.

“When it is time of storm and rain, the poles got damaged and power supply disrupted,” he said.

Tariqul Islam, owner of Bhai Bhai Fertiliser Ltd, said: “A total of 100 workers have job in my industry. But maximum times they have no work. As a result, I have to count huge losses.”

On the other hand, due to poor condition of the transport system, the products could not be sent timely.

“I think, I will leave the business if the government does not come ahead in this regard,” he said.

Imrul Islam, production manager of Jaman Jute Mills, a big industry in area, said:

“More than 500 workers do work in the industry. The workers are bound to live unhealthy life as there is no drainage system in the area.”

“Beside the unhealthy environment, we have to face many problems including power supply shortage and poor transport system. The government should take solve the problem soon to save the industry zone,” he said.

Abdus Salam, OC of BSCIC, said:  “I have informed about the situation to the deputy commissioner. He will visit the area soon.”