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5 hacks that will bring your PC back to life

  • Published at 11:12 am January 12th, 2016
5 hacks that will bring your PC back to life

In this age of tabs, smartphones and other smart gadgets, your age-old bestie aka your desktop or laptop is probably busy collecting dust like no tomorrow. They may be bulky and not so polished, yet they are more efficient and equipped to carry out more heavy-duty work than any of these latest smart tools. Here are a few hacks to help you clean up your old computer that stood by you during those tiring all-nighters before the exams.

Don't take off the computer case

There's a common myth that your computer case overheats the CPU faster. WRONG! CPU cases are not just efficient at protecting your computer from dents and scratches but they also help it from getting too hot while it's switched on. Make sure to give it a weekly clean to keep the dust at bay.

Fluency in shortcuts

Shortcuts can be a lifesaver if you know how to use them.

Cleaner translates to faster

It's a no-brainer and cleaning the screen and the CPU is no biggie either, but what about the keyboard? Here's a little trick - keep your keyboard clean with post-its. Use sticky parts of post-its to take off those hidden dust in every corner of those keys.

When download takes forever

Run a speed test at Speedtest.net when you see that your server is down or experiencing connectivity problems. Ideally they should be at least 50% of your Internet service provider’s advertised speeds, with a ping under 100 milliseconds.

If the speed seems okay, double check to make sure that you aren’t unknowingly downloading or uploading anything. Many torrent downloading software run in the background without you even knowing about it. If that's the case, close the app without further ado.

Your mouse is slowing you down

Remember those times when your PC mouse was being stubborn and even moving it or clicking on a tab was being a drag? It's your mouse acting up (which happens very frequently with mice). You need to throw that pesky tool out and learn how to navigate just using some keyboard shortcuts.

You're welcome

CTRL + N or CTRL + T: Open a new tab F3 or CTRL + TAB or CTRL + RIGHT ARROW: Advance to the next open tab F2 or CTRL + LEFT ARROW or CTRL + SHIFT + TAB: Advance to the previous open tab CTRL + W or CTRL + F4: Close the current tab CTRL + SHIFT + W: Close all open tabs other than the active one ALT + Z or CTRL + SHIFT + T: Reopen the most recently closed Web page ALT + LEFT: Issue the Back command in the active tab or window ALT + RIGHT: Issue the Forward command in the active tab or window F5 or CTRL + R: Refresh the current page ALT + GRAVE ACCENT (`): Switch between open browser windows F11: Activate or disable Full Screen mode F4: Display Address Bar history ALT + 1: Save the current password to memory CTRL + F1: Take a screen shot of whatever region you select CTRL + F2: Take a screen shot of the entire active page CTRL + F: Find user-specified text in the current Web page CTRL + B: Show or hide the browser's Favorites Bar PRINT: Opens Window's Print interface for the current Web page

Once you are a little well-versed with these tricks, you'd learn that no matter how sleek or fast your brand new tab is, they can't take half the load that those 90s pc are capable of taking. Stay tuned for more hacks next week.