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Step into my office

  • Published at 10:41 am December 20th, 2015
Step into my office

How is the job atmosphere at Betterstories?

Exciting and challenging! As a startup, all our members get a lot done quickly and creatively. We are extremely open and fun-loving. We eat out together quite often and celebrate our successes.

What kind of person would fit perfectly in your company?

Anyone who is up for accepting new challenges every day. Someone who wouldn't mind taking the road less travelled. Someone driven by passion to leave behind a legacy and give back to the country.

What are the deal breakers for an employee working at Betterstories?

Someone looking for the luxuries of an MNC doesn't quite fit the bill. We appreciate honesty and integrity of the character. We challenge each other quite often to deliver better but we appreciate strong team play.


We are a premium future building agency that works in the areas of Information Technology, Strategic Consulting and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Building.


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