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Stay put

  • Published at 10:53 am December 20th, 2015
Stay put

While many would say that entrepreneurship is mutually exclusive from maintaining a job, we politely disagree. For new entrepreneurs, a job can be the safety net they can fall back on and indeed, keeping a job can be beneficial for you and your business. Here are a few reasons why:


Let’s face it, the world today is very cruel. Depending on several factors, a business may or may not be successful. If it is indeed unsuccessful, having a job would allow the entrepreneur to at least have peace of mind over his or her future. A job ensures a sense of security whenever things go awry on the other side.

Source of funds

Money talks. And it is the most important aspect of any business. An entrepreneur needs capital for his start-up and what better way than to channel the money from the job itself? Even if your capital is already secured, the salary could be the prime source of savings and daily activities.

Company resources

Keeping your job also allows you to take full advantage of company resources to aid in your endeavor. Obviously, tangible goods such as office supplies are useless, but, talking to your bosses, heeding their advice, and enlisting the help of your coworkers can help develop certain aspects of your business.


Networking might be the most important reason for any entrepreneur to hold on to a job. Even in a small company, you get to know a lot of people from different backgrounds with different skill sets and expertise. Who knows, maybe one day, someone you met through your job will be able to add the special something to your business?

Adaptation You could also use your current company as an example, and adapt their business model, their structure and transforming it into something usable for your little venture. Adaptation saves the time and energy wasted in trial and error, and allows you to leap into entrepreneurship with a concrete plan.