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Asma Jahangir for UN body to investigate genocide in 1971

  • Published at 07:52 pm December 2nd, 2015

Pakistan human rights activist Asma Jahangir has asked for an independent UN body to investigate the atrocities committed in 1971.

She made the comment in response to a Pakistan Foreign Ministry statement denying that there was no genocide in 1971.

“Why deny it? Why not get it investigated by an independent body set up by the UN? In this way the truth will be obvious and there can be a closure to the tragedy,” she told the Dhaka Tribune through an email.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry on Monday issued a statement and said Pakistan “rejected insinuation of complicity in committing crimes or war atrocities. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

On the same day, the founding member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Asma Jahaingir, while talking to the reporters at the Pakistan Supreme Court harshly criticised the Pakistan government for demonstrating “disproportionately high passion” against the execution of the two infamous war criminals.

Slamming her country’s government for showing “high passion’ for war criminals Salauddin Quader Chowdhury and Ali Hasna Mohammad Mujahid, Asma Jahangir said the government was only confirming the fact that two men were “political agents.”

 “The government was only confirming the fact that two men were political agents and working for the cause of Pakistan,” Pakistani daily The Dawn quoted the lawyer.

The Pakistan Foreign Ministry also summoned Acting High Commissioner of Bangladesh to Pakistan and rejected the protest note of Bangladesh.