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Indirectly directed

  • Published at 11:29 am November 15th, 2015
Indirectly directed

The problem

On average, you would be spending about 25 years of your entire life sleeping, complaining about life itself for around 5 months, and working through at least 8 years of it. Being well aware of low short our lives already are, that's an alarming calculation of how little time you have to live and enjoy; to do something you would love to do, to find the path you were meant to tread on. To live.

On that regard, a question arises – what do you want to do? This question is highly confusing to the youth, for whom the correct answer is vital at that stage of their lives. For the common Joe or Jane, a career goal must be present to move forward, one which is in severe drought in the case of Bangladesh. From the very beginning of our childhood, we were told to write down what our aims were in life. We had some popular topics to write on - being an engineer, a lawyer, businessman, pilot and most popularly, a doctor.

Somehow, midway, confusion and persuasion in numerous forms lead us astray from those promised paths into a void of uncertainty. The underrated issue of goal-setting dilemma has gripped our economy from its full potential, with many wandering and living their lives without direction, one which has already proved to be brief. The result? For every 10,000 people, we only have 3 doctors. This has become a serious problem.

A solution

This is where some organisations step in to set things in motion, internally. Emran Abdullah and Shabbir Ahmad Tamim took things into their own hands and began Career Café, a non-profit platform engaged in social services based on youth education, skill development, career planning and job placement. They aim to help the young generation set their personal goals according to their passion, interest and competencies, and thus contributing to develop the youth community.

“I wanted to help everybody get career related services and skill development opportunities, not just within the cities of Bangladesh, but the rural areas as well. A large proportion of our population is still untapped, and we wanted to make them realise their true potential and release it,” said Shabbir Ahmad Tamim, co-founder, Career Café

Initially, Career Café focuses on university students with the objective to equip young students to understand their competencies, find their passion and interest, and consciously choose from available career options that suits their personality best. Schools and colleges are targeted to as well, for the issue brews from a young age. Career Café shall also be contributing to women empowerment and poverty alleviation, through initiatives to help unreached, unemployed women to understand their competencies and hone their skills in order to connect them with real-life work fields and place them in their desired professions.

The activities

So far, they have been active through numerous programmes including workshops on career planning, funding opportunities for start-ups and SME companies, scholarship and RA opportunities sessions, interview preparation sessions, social media and digital marketing sessions and meeting sessions with successful business icons and entrepreneurs.

The future

Young unemployed men and women will be the main beneficiaries of the programmes they host, and they are hopeful to reach a million with the Career Café messages by 2016. Through motivational messages, they wish to tap the unemployed and reinvigorate them to discover their endless potential.

The forgotten in the divisional level are also aimed to be coached on the importance of developing skill-sets, selecting appropriate career path, continuously searching for job and business opportunities, learning individual rights and responsibilities and taking care of different environmental issues.

Contact: Address: House 69, Road 8, Niketon, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212 Mobile: 01712 200 157, 01974 119 996