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Exam results are not the end of the world

  • Published at 11:18 am November 10th, 2015
Exam results are not the end of the world

Every year, thousands of examinees take part in the public exams, all with the same target of being the best, with the belief that this is the only way to prove their worth to the world. This, however, is only partially true. This is because everyone in the world is unique, and likewise, everyone’s talents are unique. So while these exams are designed to test skills that should be common among everyone, it might not be the perfect way to show off everyone’s talents.

For example, when you think about birds - you might picture flying. So it stands to reason that a test of flight skills would rank which bird is the most talented, but you would be only partially correct. Take into example three birds with unique skills; penguins, they swim better than many fishes; ostriches, they are the marathon runners of the bird kingdom and the roadrunner, the sprinter. What they have in common is - being lousy at flying, and in two cases, no flight at all.

So the point that is, you may not achieve the greatest grades, and that is okay. You should try to discover your place in the world, not in the education system. Maybe you are a talented artist, a singer, even an actor/actress. Maybe you have the potential to be a professional athlete, or have a passion for skilled works such as metal forging or typesetting. The world is full of diversity, with people who make it all work.

That being said, it does not mean you give up on the grades. Get your papers re-evaluated. Re-take an exam that you were upset the day of. Or maybe completely change the subjects you were attending - arts, music and even government and politics are subjects you can attend your exams in too.

It is very possible that peer pressure, family and society has made you feel unwanted, ashamed, unfit. But remember, those are parts of your life - not your whole life. They do not represent you, and you may refuse to act on their terms. Just make sure anything you choose, leads to a stable happy you.

Finally, you may wish to change your pace altogether. There is always the scenic route into higher education - GED, foundation courses that many universities offer. You can always sign up right here and get deeper evaluation of your options from our GradCoaches and GradMentors.

Overall, life has knocked you down once. Don’t let it be a blackout for you.


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