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Colour Play

  • Published at 11:29 am October 12th, 2015
Colour Play

 Sometimes, all it takes to wake up your face is a swipe of lip colour. And while the ladies at Dhaka Tribune can attest to guilty lipstick purchases eating up most of our paychecks, dropping a whopping 5k on a new Mac might not be the best budget-friendly option. If you want to save money and come up with some quirky shades of your own, give our crayon lipcolour tutorial a try.

What you'll need

Coconut oil (pure)


A clear glass jar

A saucepan

A container for your lippies

First up, make sure to read the product information on your box of crayons to make sure they're the non-toxic kind. We recommend a trusted brand like Crayola.

Pick a crayon in the shade you want your lipstick in, and cut it into inch-long pieces. Half-fill a saucepan with water and simmer in a low-to-medium heat setting. Place an empty glass jar in the water. When the water begins to bubble, drop a piece of crayon into the jar, and add about half a teaspoon of coconut oil. Use a shish kabab stick, or a chopstick to stir until the wax melts and mixes with the oil. Test a little on the back of your hand to check transparency; add more crayon pieces or oil to adjust. When the two ingredients are completely mixed, turn off the heat, carefully pour the mixture into your container, and let cool.

Et voila! You now have your perfectly safe, perfectly usable new lipcolour. Go play!