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Facial masks 101

  • Published at 11:50 am October 6th, 2015
Facial masks 101

If you're a skincare freak like us, you've probably tried all kinds of moisturing serums, creams and lotions to fix any type of skin issues. But what many beauty vloggers and experts swear by these days are face masks that promise to deliver a lot more than the regular skincare products.

What's a face mask and what does it do? Beauty experts say that they would revitalise your skin with just one application and from personal experience, we can second that. They do indeed give you that fresh, dewy look right after you've applied them but it only lasts for a couple of hours. So if you're planning to have a big night out or going to a dawat, it would be wise to use any of these masks before applying your make-up. But be aware of those really heavy-duty clay masks that can dry out your skin for a couple of hours, which is why you're better off incorporating them in your night time regimen.

Here's a quick review of some of the popular brands of face masks available in the market:

Glamglow Supermud

A heavy-duty mask that will cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify and renew your skin but it's best to use it before applying your night cream. It works to renew your skin cells overnight and leaves it looking healthy and fresh when you wake up. Where to find it: Banglashoppers

The Body Shop Vitamin E Mask This could be considered the holy grail if your skin is dehydrated. Body Shop's Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask is an organic, lightweight mask that comes in handy when you're too busy for an appointment at the beauty salon. Where to find it: Almas Super Store, Priyo General Store

The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask Filled with antioxidants, the Tea Tree Face Mask from The Body Shop is a good option if you're looking to keep those facial lines at bay. If you have dry skin, make sure you use a good moisturiser after rinsing it off because this one may dry it out even more. Where to find it: Almas Super Store, Priyo General Store

Sk-II Rated as one of the best facial masks, Sk-II's Facial Treatment Mask is very refreshing and will give you that insta-glow without having to try too hard. Soaked in beauty serums, this paper mask will brighten, tighten and plump up your skin in no time. Where to find it: Banglashoppers