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The affordable looks expensive

  • Published at 03:42 pm September 20th, 2015

From your clothes and accessories, there lies an entire collection that looks like you might have broken the bank with. This little illusion applies especially during the autumn and winter months.

Brown Oxfords - A simple pair of dark-brown oxfords are quite versatile. It already possesses the elegance of a fine match to a suit or even a semi-formal look. The only rule here is, make sure you take care of them if you’re going to wear them more than once a week.

Dressy dark jeans - What’s with all these dark coloured clothing looking so darn expensive? Sophistication gentlemen. Traditionally, evening wear has always had the dark colour code, which makes dark denim an advantage in your style arsenal. Don’t be afraid to buy a pair or two of these, they’ll take you a long way. And as we all know, it’ll take several wears until the denim is finally broken in.

Tortoise shades - Sunglasses with the tortoiseshell print can look amazingly cool, and more importantly, distinguished. This instantly creates the illusion that you’ve spent more than most men would dare to. The old-school 60s era of cool still remains, and you can easily make a brandless pair of shades look like they came straight off the runway.

Solid dress shirts - We all love the stripes, dots and prints of summer, but nothing beats the simplicity of solid coloured dress shirts. Just as long as it fits, no one will ever know how much you spent on them. And always, we always recommend that you get your shirts made from scratch or tailored. The more perfect the fit, the higher non-existent price tag.

Neutral scarf - The weather is warm enough for linen and soon, it’ll be cool enough for the rest. A neutral coloured (beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey and white) scarf brings you a whiff of the Upper East Side. Scarves can be a wonderful replacement for a tie on those really cold nights. And to wrap it around your neck over a coat or jacket, that’s extra style points, friends.

Navy trousers - With the risk of looking like a total uniform, navy trousers are a go-to item throughout the year. Navy or a darker shade of blue, will always add a touch of class to your outfits. They can be chinos or dress pants, no matter, you’ll still look sharp and pricey in them. Just as long as they are fitted, as usual.