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Addicted to paid pleasure

  • Published at 11:40 am September 15th, 2015
Addicted to paid pleasure

My friend has gotten into the habit of paying for his needs. Be it from cheap hookers around town, or going to hotels to find his right match, for a price, he is always on a lookout for paid thrills. As a 32 year-old-man, this is alarming for me because he wasn't always like this. He had a break up with his fiance of six months, a woman who would really demean his performance in the bed room. Ever since then he finds satisfaction in paid pleasures. It has come to a point where he's gotten into debt, along with having a terrible reputation. I want him to be able to get over this phase in his life, but he seems addicted. Please help.

Sounds like your friend is in a bit of a rut. Not only has he found himself an expensive distraction, he has also made his way to the debt hell hole. If you two are close, try to talk to him about his problem, without making it seem like you're attacking or judging him. It seems like the hole left in him by his fiance is now being filled by these women he pays for. Make him understand that this is only temporary and these women only need his cash so they satisfy him. He'll keep going in endless circles of self hate and loathing if he doesn't break free and needs to do so quickly. Urge him to talk to someone he trusts or find a counselor who can help him break this unhealthy sexual habit.