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CCC night-time waste disposal move sees little success

  • Published at 08:23 pm September 10th, 2015

Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) has begun dumping garbage at night from the first day of September as part of a new measure but city residents say they still get the reek in the daytime.

This is due to the fact that city corporation cleaners mainly clean the dustbins set up beside the city’s major roads and some important wards, but the task of disposal of waste materials gets little attention in other areas, especially those located on the outskirt of the city.

Besides, huge amounts of garbage is seen in dustbins near most of the kitchen markets and other markets while many big drains and canals are also filled with light and heavy wastes.

City dwellers said the newly-introduced garbage dumping system had not been implemented properly but officials said residents were yet to be accustomed to the new waste disposal schedule.

With a view to making the city more livable, CCC Mayor AJM Nasir Uddin introduced the night-time waste disposal move but city corporation sources said the initiative was not being carried out properly.

The dustbin in front of Kazir Dewri kitchen market was still found filled with garbage yesterday around 11am and people walking past it had no way to avoid smelling the odour.

A similar situation was observed in some other places where wastes were supposed to be removed by the previous night.

Local businessman Abul Basar expressed his frustration, saying the new move of the city corporation was proving futile.

“The niff of garbage in the area has been around for years and people are living with it,” he said.

The problem is acute from Muradpur to Oxygen Road’s Hamzarbagh and Aturar Dipo areas as rawhide enterprises leave stinky garbage on both sides of the road.

Dustbins filled with wastes are also found at Oxygen intersection, Halishahar, Panchlaish, Dewanhat, Kodomtoli, Kapasgola, Pahartoli, Amanbazar, Patenga and other places far away from the heart of the city.

Nahima Akhter, an NGO official, said the dumpster near her residence in Amanbazar was taken away two weeks ago but it was not replaced.

“Locals in the area are now forced to dump household garbage on road sides.”

Bakalia resident Naim Uddin said wastes are dumped in nearby places that are flooded by tidal water every day.

CCC Chief Conservancy Officer Sheikh Shafiqul Mannan Siddique said wastes are taken away from dustbins at night and cleaners do their job well.

“But a few dustbins are found full of garbage in the day as people are not used to the new system yet. Announcements have been made asking the city dwellers to dump wastes in dustbins from 7pm to 11pm.  We will begin imposing fines if the timing is not followed by residents accurately,” he said, adding that the problem of waste materials spreading odour was temporary.

Around 1,350 tonnes of garbage is generated every day by around 6 million city dwellers.

Using 100 vehicles, a total of 1,871 conservancy workers remove wastes from 1,350 dustbins and 94 containers to two landfill sites in Halishahar and Baizid’s Arefin Nagar.

A CCC Conservancy Department team oversees the whole process.

President of Consumer Association of Bangladesh’s Chittagong unit SM Najer Hossain said a number of measures were taken in the past but none of those was successful.

“The mayor should have ensured proper implementation and monitoring of the new system,” he added.