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X + 2

  • Published at 03:18 am September 1st, 2015

Let's face it, not everyone will be able to afford those premium flagship smartphones, and this is where the OnePlus 2 and the Motorola Moto X come into the scene. They are both in the same price range, just a slight step from those expensive buys. You could say they both give those higher-up models a good fight while never placing themselves as mid-range phones. As similar as these two may be, there are actually some significant differences. We put the two phones side by side and help you make a choice over the other.


One of the most obvious differences between the two phones is that the OnePlus 2 has a USB-C charging port, whereas the Moto X doesn’t. But is that really a huge advantage? The truth is there aren’t many devices out there that posses the USB-C technology. Although, we can give the OnePlus crew some credit for using cutting-edge technology. In other words, this specification will be arriving in many different sources, which means you’ll be ready for it in the future.

Dual-Sim card

Another win for the OnePlus 2. For many of us, there are two sim cards, one for work and another for personal use. If you tend to swap back and forth, holding two different phones, this beauty will take care of that headache. Again, this is something the Moto X lacks.

Still a step ahead

Okay, so it looks like the OnePlus 2 continues its advantages. Its specs are better than the Moto X. You’ve got the Snapdragon 810, 64 Bit, Octa-core, 1.8GHz processor. You even get a choice between 3GB or 4GB of RAM.

4K and fingerprint

Yes, you can shoot 4K video with this beast, alongside the optical stabilisation capability, through its 13-megapixel rear camera. It also possesses a fingerprint censor, mimicking the higher-end flagship smartphones out there. Two things here that, yet again, the Moto X does not have.


The Moto X Play or even the Style version may give you the pure Android experience. What this means is you will receive a handset that is nearly stripped down naked to strictly Android features. You’ve already seen all those pesky Samsung, LG, Sony pre-installed softwares and apps. They are absolutely unnecessary.

Lasting power

The OnePlus 2 may have the one-up on many things, but the Moto X can boast about its impressive (and larger) 3,630mAh battery. In addition to the larger battery, the latter also has faster charging; you can charge up to 50% within 30 minutes.


The Moto X comes with smaller storage, unlike the 64GB OnePlus 2 version. However, it does have a Micro SD card slot, which fits up to a 128GB card. For those who need expandable storage, this could be a huge plus.

Rain begone

This might not be too big of a deal, but the Moto X is water resistant. Clearly, durability isn’t an issue. Although, we recommend that you not go around swimming with it. Remember, it’s water resistant, NOT waterproof.

Resolution and a bump

21-megapixel is what the Moto X is about. Yes, it does have more resolution than the OnePlus 2. Now, we’re not saying that more megapixels equals a better camera. There seems to be a misconception about this idea. We tend to forget and disregard things like low-light sensitivity, sensor size and so on. The X also has NFC, which isn’t available on the OnePlus 2. This has left many tech geeks a little perplexed, having that NFC has become a standard feature on leading smartphones.

Pump up the volume

The entertainment value, apart from the gorgeous display, seems to be better on the Moto X because of its front-facing speakers.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and what you need in a phone. No matter the differences, you should always prioritise what is most desired out of these two great smartphones.