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Bake your face

  • Published at 02:07 pm August 23rd, 2015
Bake your face

You might have wrapped your head around contouring and strobing by now but the new entrant in the face sculpting game deserves your attention as well. This technique is called baking and has been a long kept secret of make-up artist. However, this involves no "baking" or the use of any cooking utensils. Baking your face is essentially letting your foundation or concealer to sit on your face for 10-20 minutes before blending it all out. This time allows your concealer or foundation to melt in your own body heat for a satiny coverage. The results - flawless, creaseless skin all day!


Do your base make-up by applying primer and foundation and contour if you want a complete glamorous look. Apply your go-to under-eye concealer in a sideways triangular shape while staying in the cheekbone area. You can use loose powder as an alternative to concealer for a subtle highlight. Now sit tight for the next 10-20 minutes and let the magic unfold! While you are at it you can fill our eyebrows, lip your lips or do your hair. Once the countdown is over blend with a beauty blender for a smooth finish. For increased longevity, set your makeup with a setting spray or loose powder.