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Thoughts on leadership

  • Published at 05:00 am August 14th, 2015
Thoughts on leadership

Leadership is having the ability to guide and hold the people together for a common vision. The confidence and courage to say that you are wrong and to make changes accordingly for the benefit of the people and the vision.

It is having the ability to truly and deeply love the people you are leading, who are with you, and those who believe in you. To have your actions reflect your words and ideas.

To have verity and be true in thoughts, words, and deeds. Respect is thus earned. It is to have transparency of action and show justice towards those whom you lead. To be a leader, you need to give up many of your own natural wishes and desires. You need to show leadership not only to be a leader.

I founded and am leading an organisation which has over 650 staff who serve more than 300,000 people monthly.

Having the ability of management is crucial, but leadership gives the unity of making thousands of people into a committed family.