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Their Words

  • Published at 03:06 am July 10th, 2015

“But I do not think that Syed Ashraf was removed for performance, because there are some other ministers who have performed worse than Ashraf. The other point is that Ashraf does not have any scandal or corruption allegation. So this point is also void. The third point is of policy differences. I think there is a policy difference between the prime minister and Ashraf”

Ataur Rahman, a political scientist, told the Dhaka Tribune on Thursday.

“We are planing to set up two land-based liquefied natural gas terminals. There are 6,000 acres of land at Paira Seaport area. We have sought 200 acre of land out of the total 6,000 acre”

Energy Division Secretary Abu Bakar Siddique told the Dhaka Tribune on Thursday.