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Their words

  • Published at 04:21 am July 1st, 2015

“Migration is an individual’s endeavour and choice which is governed by the state and the market. If there is demand there will be supply for sure in this era of connectivity and globalisation. People think if they leave the country they will get a job."

Speakers said yesterday at the launching ceremony of National Plan of Action for Combating Human Trafficking 2015-2017.

“There is a 5% deficit in the budget. But there is nothing to worry about. We will be able to implement it. This budget will take the country forward.”

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said while taking part in the budget discussion at parliament on Monday.

“Politicians are being recruited in the board of directors of the banks. They provide loans and waive interest rates on political consideration. The banking sector will have to be brought under regulation as people are losing confidence on it.”

Leader of the opposition Raushan Ershad told parliament while discussing the budget for the upcoming 2015-16 budget on Monday.