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Black-tie affair

  • Published at 12:21 pm June 21st, 2015
Black-tie affair

Not too long ago we discussed the top, trusty picks of summer scents. But there are more than exceptional choices regarding formal events. Whether it’s a gentleman with a conservative nature or possesses incredible flair, there is a fragrance that rightfully belongs in the echelon of formalwear scents. Conservative or liberal, all that matters is getting in touch with your inner bourgeoise. Minus the political implications of course.

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Like the rest of the scents on this list, you’ll have to fork over a few more bucks than usual. These are premium fragrances that should be applied for formal events only. This scent is a timeless fougeres, which means fern-like fragrances powered by herbaceous ingredients. This fragrance has top notes of iris and lemon verbena that are given a richer edge with a sandalwood base note. To put it lightly, and to the point, it’s the James Bond of fragrances - classic, smooth, and masculine.

Haitian Vetiver by Ermenegildo Zegna

Would you believe this scent has a vetiver that is exclusively grown for Zegna? You will literally standout in a crowd because there is no scent like it in the same room. Well, that’s only if you are the only gentleman in the room with this scent. This fragrance is almost a reflection of what Ermenegildo Zegna is about. It’s down to earth, crispy yet bold. There’s almost a different class solely made for this fragrance.

Pour Monsieur Concentree by Chanel

The boldest in the lot, this fragrance packs a punch so don’t go overboard with the sprays. Let the woody scent with a huge hit of citrus do its job with a couple of sprays. It’s dominated by lavender, orange and cardamom, and backed up with oakmoss, petitgrain, and a rich lather of creamy vanilla. This scent will actually last for quite some time so you don’t need to worry about the after-after party. Even if your lady friend wishes to smudge it out, she’ll have failed.

Valeninto Uomo

Not every fragrance requires a certain masculinity, there is no need to address the world of how manly you can smell. The current trend follows the ingredients in this particular scent. It’s nutty and rich with sweetness. There are hints of chocolate, coffee, leather and cedar. What better way to seduce an attractive woman than to be the object of desire, who happens to smell as sweet as her first taste of chocolate? And let’s forget the new all-black bottle. How very appropriate.

Velvet Desert Oud by Dolce & Gabbana

What we have here is a nice little mix of today’s trend and classic upbringing. The Sicilians have decided infuse smoky, rich notes of dark wood and deep amber. It’s musky but there’s a slight twist, extracting sweetness from almonds and dashes of rose. The latter keeps the strength at bay so it doesn’t smell overpowering.

Eau Suavage Cologne by Christian Dior

The original 1966 formula will always remain a classic, but this 2015 version is a clever mix of the appropriate season and given occasion. You might say it’s the perfect scent to have during a summer formal event. There’s a significant amount of lime, mandarin, petitgrain, and the grapefruit notes are mixed with vetiver and pepper. It has the lighter citrus scents of warmer days and enough power to last an evening out. It’s investment worth making, being an enhanced version of the original ’66 version.

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

You really didn’t think we’d leave Tom Ford out of the list, did you? The award-winning designer has knowledge of fashion (and everything in it) like no other. The man knows his scents, he makes it his business to produce the best of the best. His entire collection, for both men and women, are of premium quality, never compromising the ingredients. The leather and wood in this fragrance are mixed with raspberry, saffron and jasmine. It’s a nice balance between smoky and sweet.