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Wing the wing no more

  • Published at 12:00 pm June 15th, 2015
Wing the wing no more

We have all been casually taunted for being late trying to perfect the winged eyeliner. There is no point trying to explain because your boyfriend will never understand how real the struggle is. But you can always master these timeless tips and strengthen your winged eyeliner game.

Line it up!

Going good so far. Almost to the finish-line. And oops! Almost none of us get the eyeliner right the first time. If you don't have steady hands, line your eyes with pencil liner first and then trace over with liquid liner. Remember how we used to connect dots and dashes to make a picture when we were kids? You can use the same principle here. Line your eyes with small dots or dashes and join them to make a perfect line. You can also achieve more stability by sitting down and resting your elbow on your vanity table to apply your liner. Then rest your pinky on your cheek and glide on! Also to save more time line your eyelash curler with liner and curl your lashes like you normally do. The result - perfectly curled lashes and lined eyes.

Back on track

To err is human and no matter how much we try there will be smudges and mess-ups. To clean up any wayward liner use a dab of concealer or primer to cover up the mess. Clear lip gloss can also double as a smudge remover. To prevent smudges altogether set your liner with some eyeshadow of the same shade. But if your liner mess is too far gone just use a smudge brush or the smudger at the end of your liner to smudge it a little for a soft smoky look. This trick only applies to pencil liner. Freeze your liner 10 minutes before application to prevent eyeliner crumble from ruining the rest of your make-up.

Purrfect cat eyes

If you can nail the cat eye, congratulations to you. For those who have some room for improvement, here are some tips for the purrfect eyes. Place tape lined with your bottom lash line and draw the wing following the contour. You can also use a business card or a spoon to nail the flick. To make your cat eye really stand out, use white eyeliner to highlight above and below your eyebrow for an instant lift. To seamlessly transform your look from day to night, trace your liner with glitter liner for a subtle cat eye that can still pack a cat-astrophic punch.