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Hair homework

  • Published at 11:42 am June 8th, 2015
Hair homework

Unless it’s just a trim, a haircut can go a long way to completely revamping your look. Done right, a change of hairstyle can take years off your face, slim you down, and make you feel like a superstar. Even in the hands of an expert, things can go awfully wrong if you can’t communicate what you want. So before you go for that life-changing new look, there are three things you need to do to prepare.

Keep it simple

Is it a bob or a lob? Steps, or graduated layers? Hair terminology keeps changing faster than the trends themselves, the exact same cut may be described in different ways in different magazines! So forget all that jargon, and simply describe in layman's terms exactly what you want, in terms of shape and length, and specify if and how you want your bangs.

Celeb samples

Photographs are a great visualisation tool. Check out how a trendy new cut looks on a starlet with the same or similar face shape as yours. There are countless free virtual makeover apps and sites that let you try those styles before you actually go under the scissors, so don’t be afraid to play. When you’ve made up your mind, take some photos to show your stylist what you want. Having it out in front of them will help them replicate it.

A spectrum of choices

Hair colour can also be a tricky situation. When going for a new hue, take three different pictures with you; one of the shade you want, one of a shade that you’d be willing to try sometime, and one of the shade you absolutely don’t want. This gives your colourist parameters to work with and leads to fewer mistakes.