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Sunscreen myths

  • Published at 12:56 pm June 1st, 2015
Sunscreen myths

A good way to protect your precious skin from harmful UV rays is to slather on the sunscreen before you head out, but when doing so, it's important to read the fine print. Here are three sunscreen myths busted

Higher isn't always better

Just because it says SPF2000 on the bottle doesn't mean you're getting maximum protection. In fact, the higher SPF makes it tempting for users to skip the reapplication, which is necessary to ensure continued shielding. And high SPF counts may prevent tanning, but let harmful UV rays through, so much so that the FDA is planning to ban sunscreen lotions with an SPF of 50+. To stay on the safe side, pick something that's SPF30, and reapply every two hours.

Rain or shine

There's a popular tendency to skip the sunscreen on cloudy days. But here's a scary fact: It can. 80% of the sun’s rays can permeate clouds, so slather it on, no matter what the weather, and keep your skin looking young.

Beware of DIY

The Internet is rife with DIY recipes for just about everything, and that includes sunscreen. Coconut oil and yoghurt are popular ingredients, and yes, they're great for moisturising your skin, but as sun protection? Not so much. Coconut oil only has an SPF of about 7, and you need at least 15-30 to really shield your epidermis from the burning rays. So use those masks to soothe and smoothen, not to protect you.