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Two dos in under 5 minutes

  • Published at 01:09 pm May 18th, 2015
Two dos in under 5 minutes

Twist and shout

It doesn’t get easier than this one. You can achieve the look in under five minutes! Who would have thought this easy, breezy bohemian look would be so simple?

1. Take two sections of hair from each side of your head.

2. Twist them like it’s nobody’s business.

3. Bring them together and use a hair elastic that resembles your natural or fake shade.

4. Loop the bit that is hanging loose over the hair band so it looks like it never existed.

Braided glory

If you happen to have bangs, separate them from the rest of your locks.

Pull the rest of your hair up in a high ponytail.

Pull up that tail and twist it around until you seem to have the perfect, textured bun. Lock it in with pins if you have to.

If your bangs happen to be on the long side, twist those babies as well and clip them on to your bun.