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Massage myths

  • Published at 01:29 pm May 18th, 2015
Massage myths

Who doesn’t love a good old massage? You close your eyes and drift into a complete state of relaxation as all the knots are kneaded away. Not only does it feel great, it’s good for you. There do seem to be a few myths about this treatment. It’s time to dispel them.

Not with a baby on board

You can go ahead and roll your eyes at those ladies who tell you to avoid getting a rubdown if you’re expecting. It’s actually good for the mom as well as the baby as it helps lower stress levels and improves your quality of sleep. There are institutes that have special massages targeted at expecting moms. Even if there are benefits, always take the safe route and go to a therapist who specialises in working with mothers to be.

See you later, cellulite!

As much as we wish regular massages would smooth out our skin and get rid of the pesky, bumpy bits, it’s not so easy. Yes, massages along with a healthy diet and exercise will definitely tone the skin, but getting rid of cellulite is tricky. It can be done with laser therapy, however.

Detox drama

Don’t waste wads of cash on therapies that tout themselves as “Super Detox Massage.” Our bodies have a host of their own ways to flush out toxins on a daily basis. While massages do indeed stimulate circulation, which is always a plus, there is no scientific proof that having someone rub your body down will get rid of the toxins that lay deep within.

So addictive

Apparently, some village idiots have been claiming that massages can become an addiction. When you stop having yourself a chuckle about the fact that anyone would think that, getting weekly massages are absolutely okay and great for you. Just because our bodies release endorphins that make us feel great throughout the process doesn’t mean we’ll be curled up in a corner, shaking from withdrawals just because our favourite masseuse went on a holiday.