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5 easy hair hacks

  • Published at 12:54 pm May 18th, 2015
5 easy hair hacks

It's time to get real. Very, very real. We spend an alarming amount of time in our cars and various types of transportation just trying to get to our destination of choice. We probably spend more time getting to and back from point A to B than we actually hang around where we intended to go in the first place. Here are a few great ideas we have up our sleeves for those days that you just can’t seem to get right when it comes to your crowning glory.

Emergency kit

Yes, it's superficial. When you think about emergency kits, tools that may help you straighten out that mop won't be the first things to pop into your head. Regardless, some days, when you're all geared up to impress, certain essentials can help get you out of a rut.

What you'll need

A small bag- to carry the items in, duh!

A few bobby pins.

A mini brush and comb.

Dry shampoo. (If you STILL have no clue what a miracle this product is, it's time to wake up.) You can also put a bit of corn starch in a container. It'll do the trick.

A travel size container of light-weight lotion if you don't have a portable serum.

Hair elastics.

Flat out

What appeared to have been a killer blow-out goes limp as soon as you've been out and about for a bit. This is where dry shampoo will come to your rescue. Tilt your head forward and lightly spray those roots or apply corn starch to the parts that are sticking to your face. Fluff with your fingertips and brush out the top layer softly. We emphasise on the word softly, because if you brush too deeply, you'll go right back to that flat phase.

All frizzed up

Living in Dhaka, humidity seems to be that one annoying friend that will always have your back even when you don't want them to. If you're sporting curls, emulsify a tiny bit of serum or lotion between your palms and apply evenly to smooth out the issue. Do not over-do it, since looking like a grease ball hasn't had its moment in the limelight just yet. If your hair is straight, work it into a cute side braid and secure it with a hair elastic.

Rain check

It may not be raining men, but a sudden downpour can put a serious damper on that hair. The best thing to do in this situation is to duck into the ladies room before you approach other people and try to give yourself a few minutes until most of the water drips off. Use your brush to pull your hair away from your face and into a high ponytail. Sure, the “Blonde Ambition” ponytail isn't back, but neither is a sopping wet 'do. It also works like a mini face-lift.

What goes up

Most of us have had to deal with up-dos getting messed up by a strong gust of wind. Here's where those bobby pins will come in handy. Just take the random strands that have come undone and secure them with pins. Whatever style you had on top of that head does not need to look too polished anyway. A bit of an unkempt look adds interest.