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Pits of darkness

  • Published at 03:07 pm May 7th, 2015

Let’s put aside the fairness cream controversies for a minute and talk actual skin care for a minute, shall we? Sure, bleaching your underarms and nether regions to fit someone else’s perception of what is attractive is outrageous. But neglecting, and abusing your own body isn’t really helping you either. So if your pits are looking dark, dry and unloved, here are some ways to brighten things up.

Don’t leave me dry We’ve all been there. Too impatient to wait for the hair to grow out between waxes, the hot weather making sleeveless kameezes less fashionable and more a necessity, we’ve all tried to save time with a quick shave. While there’s absolutely nothing long with a shave per se, many of us even skip the shaving foam and shave dry, and that’s a serious no-no. Razor burns, nicks and bumps are just not a good look for your skin, wherever it’s located. Soap and water isn’t a good substitute either. If you must shave, just do yourself a solid and use an actual shaving foam.

Sunshine in my pocket Rub a lemon wedge over the darkened area before you step into the shower. Halfway through the shower, rub a paste made from lemon juice and raw honey. Wait for a few minutes (or concentrate on something else, like shampooing), and then rinse off before you step out. Finish off with a moisturiser with sunscreen, and you’re protected and pampered all at once.