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Whites, camera, action!

  • Published at 11:38 am May 3rd, 2015
Whites, camera, action!

The coming summer has us all salivating about strutting our stuff in crisp clothing in light shades, white being our favourite. It’s simple while elegant, suits everybody and there’s always that feeling you’re off to a fresh start when you’ve dressed up in white. A few sneaky hitches can and will ruin the breezy look you’re trying to create. We’re here to help you deal with the top three.

Underneath it all

When it comes to pulling off a brilliant white outfit, there are way too many people that muck up the overall effect by wearing the wrong undergarments. Sounds easy enough-you wear white underneath white, right? Wrong! Very, very wrong. White underwear shows right through light shades of clothing. Let’s not even get started on a lacy white number worn under a basic white shirt. What you need to execute this look flawlessly is flesh-toned knickers. Not just any basic, run of the mill nude hues, mind you. Think about it. If your skin tone resembles chocolate and you step out in light beige skivvies under a white ensemble, the result will be as bad as going for that lacy, white bra. Make sure the colour looks as if it’s blending in with your skin and you’re good to go.

Shoe savvy

Let’s face it, not a whole lot of folk can pull of white kicks. While a pristine pair of white trainers can be appealing, clunky, strappy numbers that don’t do your legs any favours can be an eyesore. Someone’s going to call the fashion police on you and it’s not going to be pleasant. A common mistake many make is convincing themselves that a white outfit demands to be matched with white footwear. That’s never the case. The best thing about wearing white is that you can pick any colour your heart desires when it comes to shoes. Why not go for brights?

Not so mellow yellow

You know you’ve spotted someone in what could’ve been a killer white tee, only to be put off by the yellowed pits when they wave goodbye. You yourself could be harbouring a few of these culprits in the back of your closet thinking you’ll deal with it some other time. Don’t sweat it, literally. There are ways to deal with these pesky stains. The key is to wash your shirt right after taking it off to prevent the stain from setting. Use a bit of baking soda combined with your detergent to give an added kick. If that doesn’t work or you want to salvage a white garment that you think is beyond repair, let the professionals handle it before dousing it in bleach and risk tears and breakage.