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Through the wash

  • Published at 03:23 pm April 26th, 2015

Dealing with headphones is one thing, but your trusty-travel pals, the earphones can get really dirty. This is no secret and you best not be surprised. Imagine all the oils and ear wax that has been built up on your earphones. It’s a terrible imagining, and something we can no longer avoid. But it’s not just about being clean or keeping it dirty. The built up, disgusting remnant can actually disturb the quality of the audio. The impact of the sound deteriorates over time, so it’s best to keep your headphones and earphones clean on a regular basis.


This is what you’ll need and what you need to do, in order to clean your head devices properly:

Dish with soap and warm water

Soft cloth

Toothbrush (Obviously not the one you use for your teeth)

Small towel



After you’ve gathered all the supplies, wet the cloth in the soaped water. It’s important to not completely soak it but to make it a little damp. Don’t forget we are still dealing with electronics here, the less water the better.

Now remove both the ear pads or the tips, if possible. This lets you thoroughly wipe down each of the ear pads, without having to drip water directly into your headphones.

Gently wipe down each headphone pads or in-ear tips with the damn cloth.

Now, for the debris and residue department. This where an old toothbrush comes into play. It’s easy to brush away the grime that is left over.

After brushing, gently wipe the rest of the headphone or earphones with the damp cloth.

Like anything else that’s been washed, it’ll need some air drying time. Once it’s dry you can attach your pads and tips back onto your head pieces.

It’s a real simple process and habit that we should all take up. And certain brands might have particular procedures written on their websites on how to clean their products. Give it a try and so some Google searching, if need be.