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Moisturise me!

  • Published at 12:30 pm April 23rd, 2015
Moisturise me!

Yes, everyone needs to moisturise their mugs externally. Did you know, however, that you may be getting this simple process all wrong?


A sloppy affair

Slathering on some random goop at the beginning of everyday isn’t going to do your skin any favours. You need to figure out your what your skin type is and choose products accordingly. This step is very simple. If you kind of already know that your skin is on the greasy side, and are using a heavy cream-based product, you’re in for it. Not only will that formula make your face shinier than a disco ball to the point where even a whole package of tissues will fail you, it will also require you to prepare yourself for clogged pores.


What to use

Water or gel based moisturisers are the way to go in this case. There are also a whole lot of oil-control potions out there. A great bet for you would be The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion. This light lotion will provide the hydration you need, while fighting imperfections, as well as soaking up excess oil.


High and dry

Pay good heed to weather conditions. It’s one thing to have dead scaly patches on your skin in the dead of winter, but skin that still feels uncomfortably tight in hot, humid weather, is indeed dry skin. Keep clear of overdosing on harsh astringents and the likes.


What to use

A light layer of extra virgin olive oil applied before bed could go a long way to soothe taut skin and help you wake up with a glowing face. You could also try Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturising lotion, a fantastic potion that will smoothen your skin but will never feel too heavy.



For the spring chickens

So, you’re still in your early 20s, but are using anti-aging creams anyway because you may think they’ll make you appear even more youthful? Not true! While using strong concoctions that promise to take years off your face won’t necessarily cause harm to younger skin, it’s really a waste of product and cash.


What to use

If you’re really worried about the appearance of fine lines in the future, your best bet is to use sunscreen religiously. This applies to all skin types. Go for a regular moisturiser that covers all bases when it comes to hydrating and protecting. Olay has a great range that you may try. 


Where to buy

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