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Sandal scandal

  • Published at 03:11 pm April 13th, 2015
Sandal scandal

Sandal season is definitely in full swing. The handsome Mahmood Hossain, the men’s grooming expert in the T Junction team has often pointed out how men should not flaunt their neglected, crusty feet. Women can be just as guilty of this unappealing crime. Pay attention:


You’re claws are showing

Sometimes it’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that some ladies actually think long, claw-like toe nails are acceptable and even fashionable. News flash! They are absolutely revolting. We’re not talking about nails that have missed a weekly trim. You’ve seen them: the long pointy eye-sores that look straight up dangerous. We’re not sure if the bright red painted version is any better than the unpolished ones. Cut those nails, ladies. They serve no purpose, unless you’re into scratching your partner’s legs up in bed.


Hanging on for dear life

You’ve seen these too. Feet in open toed heels that slip forward to the point where your toes look like they’re literally grasping the front of your shoes. This usually happens if you’re sporting the wrong size. Toe cleavage maybe sexy, but this certainly isn’t.


Dirty deeds

We understand that you may be too busy to get regular pedicures. We also understand your decision to not paint your toes. What we don’t get is why you would expose your nails when there is accumulated dirt underneath. It’s enough to make us gag. You shower every day, (we hope) how hard is it to scrub under those nails with a brush while you’re at it? And don’t think you can get away with toe jam if your nails are indeed polished. You don’t need that kind of bacteria in your life.