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Winter of Discontent

  • Published at 08:52 pm April 3rd, 2015

Let us not forget

This winter of our discontent;

Withered leaves

Paving the streets,

Strewn across where

Once hope resided,

Born of the same fiery desire

That gave us our

Most precious treasure.

Gone now,

The winds of change swept

Through to fell those

Dying leaves off their branches;

They brought with them

Unfulfilled promises,

Broken dreams,

Burying hope in a

Mountain of decaying leaves.

Let us not forget

This winter of our discontent;

Its cold embrace

On the skeletal remains

Of nature, squeezing

The life out of that

Which hibernated not,

Buried, like hope, overcome

By the cold’s deathly touch.

It has lingered, this winter,

Not heeding spring’s

Feeble calls

For decades now.

Spring has long stopped

Calling, gone has summer too –

All we have, on an endless loop is

This, our winter of discontent,

Now and forever after.