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Tales from the Arabian Nights

  • Published at 06:33 pm March 25th, 2015
Tales from the Arabian Nights

There are dramas for the classes and there for those for the masses, only rarely comes a piece of work which both the classes and the masses rush to watch. From the very first show, Badi-Bandar Roopkatha proved to be a gem for all concerned as every show went houseful with tickets being sold out days in advance.

“Ali Baba O Chollish Chor” is a very popular children story and credit should be given to Srishti Cultural Centre for adapting it into the biggest dance drama extravaganza in Bangladesh. The sheer opulence of the set design, colourful costume and an army of backup dancers with near perfect synchronization on stage, lifted the drama to an international level. Add to this the amount of graphical visuals poured in to depicting the Arabian landscape, bazaars take the audience to the ancient desert kingdoms. One thing the audience would take back home and cherish long after the curtains fall are the dance and song numbers brilliantly incorporated throughout the drama. Though one can question the novelty of the lyrics, the songs are surely catchy and is a treat for the audience, particularly children.