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Your lipstick stains

  • Published at 06:33 pm March 23rd, 2015

We love lipsticks at T-Junction. At any given day, you’re going to find one of us experimenting with a new colour at our workstations. Needless to say, we’re also pretty familiar with the nightmare related to lip colour getting smeared on to surfaces they’re not meant to. Here’s how to get rid of those boo boos.

White collar crimes If your unscheduled before work romp ended with your lipstick on his collar, or worse, yours, never fear. You can get the stain out without requiring a costume change. If you’re lucky enough to have some rubbing alcohol on you, dab a little on the stain, and then scrub with a clean rag to get it out. If there’s no rubbing alcohol handy, vodka should have the same effect. It’s colourless, and has the added bonus of smelling amazing when layered with your favourite perfume.

If yours is strictly a non-alcohol household, try using dish soap. A little dish soap applied directly to the spot, which is then scrubbed with a wet, clean rag, should get the stain right off. Pat dry with toilet paper, and apply a little baby powder to help it dry faster, and you’re on your merry way.

Mirror act So you had a movie moment and left a lipstick message on your mirror. Once you come back to sanity and realise it’s time to clean that ish off, grab some window cleaner and a rag and really work it into the glass, and hopefully no one’s the wiser. Again, if window cleaners are not available, dish liquid, cold water and a sponge will have your back.

Purse problem If you’ve had the utter misfortune of your lipstick popping open inside your bag and smearing itself into the lining of the purse, fear not. The same solutions that work on your collar will come handy for cleaning the lining. If you’re out and about and a comprehensive cleaning has to wait, use a make-up wipe to swipe away the worst of the damage before you can go home and give your bag a deep clean. It makes sense to keep some handy for emergencies.